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Ag-Bag provides lower cost feed storage solutions for every size of farm. You will benefit from lower feed storage costs and less feed loss.

AG-Bag G6060

The rotor and tunnel design are the key to a well packed bag.

The G6060 6' line-bored rotor has 48 packing teeth to ensure a tight consistent pack. This leads to faster fermentation for better feed quality. The G6060 is capable of doing 8' or 9' bags depending on the interchangeable tunnel top selection.

AG-Bag G6170

The G6170's 7' line-bored rotor is 30% stronger than the previous design.

The G6170 is a full width, low profile, 56 tooth rotor that ensures a dense, uniform pack for a smoother bag. The G6170 is capable of doing 9' or 10' bags depending on the interchangeable tunnel top selection.

AG-Bag LX1214

The LX1214 Professional Ag-Bagger is available with interchangeable 12 and 14 ft tunnel options.

The LX1214 features an HPTO15 microprocessor-controlled hydraulic clutch designed specifically for diesel engines. The LX1214 is capable of doing 12' or 14' bags depending on interchangeable full tunnel selection.

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